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Simple, Local, Quality.

Following these three words, to the letter;

  • SIMPLE to understand services & explanations.
  • LOCAL business owner servicing our community.
  • Quality services, not quick cheap-out.


Sunday & Monday --- Closed.
Tuesday - Friday --- 9AM - 5PM
Saturday --- 10AM - 2PM


Not sure what is wrong, or you don’t see the service you need?
Go ahead and give me a call or stop on by and I’ll be sure to answer your question.

$20 Over-The-Counter Help

Need quick help, a little bit of advice, or show you how to do a quick trick? I may be able to help you right then and there!

$50 Back-Room Labor

All computers I have to take to the back room to repair or diagnose goes to a $50 labor and time fee. This fee is wiped with most services.

$150 Total Computer Tune-up

Slow computer, Viruses, bugs, popups, bloatware? This service solves common software problems, getting your PC back the performance it once had before.

$100 Windows Installation

Need a clean copy of Windows installed? I sell you a new genuine copy of Windows and fully update it for you! Making sure that Windows is all good to go.

$20+ Data Backup & Recovery

Computer won't turn on? Too slow to use? Got a new computer? I can backup and recover your User Files! Documents, Images, Videos, ect.

$75 Windows Password Reset

We all forget a password. If you got locked out of Windows, I can get you back in! Don't lose all your personal data.

$8/mo Managed Anti-Malware

Your protection letting you down? I now serve professional protection for people who need their computer running.

$50 per 30 min. House Call

Can't bring your computer in, or is it a location based problem? I can come out to you! Give me a call or email anytime to set up an appointment.

Repair Square

Repair Square is a new and rapidly growing proactive maintenance & anti-virus program we offer, and The concept is just as simple as the service is.

Support is two clicks away.
Just got a new printer and it won’t play nice? Got a weird error popping up? We can help with whatever technology issue has been bugging you and wasting your time. Advice is just two clicks away, and we can remotely connect to diagnose and fix many problems. This means you can skip the cord labelling and carting your computer into the shop, and still get your most pressing computer issues fixed.

You will always be up to date.
It seems like every other day there’s some new and urgent update waiting to be installed. Whether it's a security patch or adding new features, the updates feel endless. Even if they do install automatically, they tend to do it at the worst possible moment, leaving you waiting when all you wanted to do was quickly check your email.

You’re always optimized.
Whether your computer is actively acting up or not, Repair Square keeps in touch with your event logs, services, and processes, and looks out for anything that needs correction.

Blazing fast anti-malware.
The best anti-malware is the one that’s up-to-date and running, yet you’d be surprised just how many people switch it off or never let it update. Having Repair Square ensures your anti-virus is always running and dealing with any viruses it finds.

Your hardware stays healthy.
Repair Square monitors the health of your hardware, such as your hard drive, looking for early warning signs of failure. If detected, we can let you know in advance. This means you’re able to get it repaired at your convenience.

Privacy is very important.
Even with our ability to update your computer, run optimizations, scan and remove viruses, and monitor hardware, we never have the ability to view your files, pictures, any personal data, or any activity you do on your device. The only time we have access to your computer is with Remote Support. We can only establish remote connection with your computer when you give us the unique password that changes every time you restart your computer. Your data and privacy is held to the highest standard, and is a very serious subject.

Simple Contact.

Help is two clicks away! Click our icon, type us a message, then click to send a service request!

Quick Support.

You are our priority, when you send us a support ticket, you will receive an email or call back within 3 work hours.

Proactive Alerts.

If Repair Square finds an issue, it will notify you so that you can contact us for service at your convenience.

Professional Protection.

With our ultra-fast unique dual engine malware scanner combined with our four-layer Anti-Ransomware scanner, you can use your computer without worry.

Behind the magic

Here is a few "behind the scenes" pictures of the space and tools we use to repair your computers.


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